Hardwood Floor Refinishing

Renewing your old hardwood
floors would have looked great

Our Hardwood Floor Refinishing & Restoration Process
Hardwood Floor Refinishing

At Regent Parkway I will talk about house renovation including floors, bathrooms kitchen and everything in between but first I will start with Hardwood Floor Refinishing, The  process consist of removing the top surfaces of a wood  floor. By using abrasives materials, called sandpapers, we sand the floor and remove the old finish, level the floor surface and smooth out the wood to then apply a sealer it can be clear one or stain can be used as sealer, after that three or two coats of polyurethane is applied.

Polyurethane normally provides the best finishing choice.My opinion is based on the fact that other products  require frequent re coating, and sometimes machine polishing. There are some factors to consider when picking the finish that can be oil or water based, traffic is very important if is an area like a kitchen that is high traffic is better to go with oil based,

Renovating your hardwood Floors on the right time.

For all those who feel a certain discouragement when faced with a well-worn wooden floor, and believe that there is nothing to do about it, I have good news your floors will look like new if you hire a professional company to do it there is no time to loose start your research and find one that will fit your budget and that have references, in my area some frieds have used wixflooring to get their Hardwood Floor refinishing and let me tell you that looked like a new house!

Under special conditions, the wooden floor refinishing service basically consists of a restoration technique that makes it possible to renew the wooden floor through a professional scraping that eliminates all existing aesthetic imperfections and increases the floor life in question. However, even if the wood floor refinishing is used, maintenance is necessary, as well as cleaning.

One point that may be the question of many people, is about the frequency with which the refinishing of wood floors can be carried out. In general, the wood floor can be refinish more than once without any problem. It can be done every 10 or 15 years even more all this will depend on how you take care of the wood. When refinishing  is done by top professionals the wood floor can be sanded three times they will only get rid of the top layer unless you have deep scratches in that case they will have to get rid of more wood and maybe your floors can be redone only twice.

As soon as the damaged varnish or resin layer is removed after scraping the wooden floor, the floor is renewed and the classic look of the planned environments is recovered. In general, this technique provides:

    A complete and uniform restoration;

    The complete elimination of marks, cracks and scratches caused by traffic and time.

    The possibility of renovating the floor, without the need to replace it.


Before  you get your floors refinish try to contact few a professionals to get their opinion maybe your floors can be fine with a recoat and there is no need to sand them, professionlas will be able to tell you the best method and what exactly you need. I made a quick search and found many different companies in my area to do the job of hardwood floor refinishing https://wixflooring.com/ is reputable and have great reviews. I have talked about floors but how anout  your stairs? that is a whole other matter. If you have a worn out staircase in your home then you will need to mentioned that as well when asking prices around why? that is because they charge steps in a different way than a room or rooms in the house. While the restoration process is similar the labor that it takes is way more for a step, having to scrape the little corners by hand and not been able to use big sanding machines will definitely bring the cost up make sure you mention steps when inquiring.


If your stairs already have a layer of paint, it is important to remove all of that  before restoring your staircase. There are chemical compounds that can help with loosening stubborn paint, however, a trusty paint-stripping tool works amazingly well. After the majority of the paint has been stripped away, they will  use a 25 or 36 grit sandpaper to remove the paint remnants.

There will be a lot of work by hand but the finished product will be appreciably better, which is why stripping off all the old paint and finish prior to restoring your stairs with a new coat of varnish is so important.

Kitchen Renovation

I would like to very shortly talk about this awesome kitchen, usually what we change in our house is kitchen and floors and that will increase the value of your home.This kitchen renovation kept the main footprint in regards to electric and plumbing, but changed out all cabinets, plumbing fixtures, floors, added recess lights, changed out pendants, countertops, backsplash, and built a new island. So overall they got a new kitchen in the end. We included some before pictures to showcase the amazing difference. We loved the end result of this kitchen renovation project

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