How much time would it take to completely refinishing hardwood floors?

When we do a big project like refinishing the hardwood floors our house becomes a mess and   understandably  you will want to re use your floor and go back to normal again as quickly as possible. Well when working with hardwood you can not rush the process is all about the chemicals and the care that takes sanding the proper way and with different grits of sandpaper. 

The time that will take will depend on the materials that will be use, always try to do a research on the brands you want and if you want oil based, when picking oil the process will take longer because the drying time between coats is at least 24 hours so a medium project let’s say a house of 15k sq ft with stairs will take 2 days to sand and stained and 2 or 3 days for poly coats, altogether will be 5 days plus drying time 2 extra days. On the other hand if you or the company you hire prefere water based, the time will reduce to 3 days job + 1 for drying or even less.

So the time that will take to completely refinish your hardwood floor will be anything between 3 to 5 days and to move your furniture back wait two more days to be safe. I hope I help you with some information about what you will go through and I wish you the best luck! 

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